Upcoming Retreats

Our Next Retreat – 2020

A members-only Retreat is held in January or February each year.  A stress-free fun time is spent quilting, relaxing and enjoying good fellowship.  Room, meals and workspace are provided for a reasonable fee. Space is limited by the size of the facility and registration is on a first come and first paid basis.

Our retreats are held at the Trinity Center in Salter Path, NC. This has been a very popular venue and we are able to accommodate everyone who wants to attend at two sessions:

Save these dates!

For our 2020 retreat there will be two sessions:

  • Session One will be held from Monday, January 13 until Thursday, January 16.
  • Session Two will be held from Thursday, January 16 until Sunday, January 19

The retreat forms are now posted in the For Members section of this website on the Membership Information page. If you are a Guild member and don’t have access to that section of this website, please send an email to us via the Contact Us page. Thanks.